Krill are brill

Posted on March 14, 2018 by Madeleine Rogers

Well, I think they are anyway. These tiny guys (no bigger than your little finger) are the foodstuff of hundreds of species of sea mammals, birds and fish and are therefore vital to the health of the Antarctic marine eco-system. These crusty carbon capturers can swarm in ENORMOUS groups with a density of up to 30,000 individuals per square metre, making a ride on a rush hour tube seem like child's play. A blue whale can swallow hundreds of thousands in a single gulp. It's hugely important to protect these critters from an ever encroaching commercial fishing industry - which is where the proposed Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary comes in. This is a great opportunity to protect a huge swathe of ocean and the the species that dwell within it. Your timely signature on this petition could well help this happen sign here

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