New teatowels are in!

Posted on April 05, 2012 by Madeleine Rogers

What do you do when, halfway through a mammoth post Sunday lunch drying up session, you are suddenly gripped by an overwhelming urge to immerse yourself in an animal-themed, craft-based activity? (Come on, we've ALL been there, right?) Well, If you happen to be drying those dishes with one of Mibo's NEW owl or squirrel organic cotton tea towels then you are in luck because, like their predecessors the Lion and Fox, these little beauties can be transformed into ultra sweet decorative cushions with just a pair of scissors, some stuffing and some thread (er, and a sewing machine if you want to complete the job by Monday). Or, you can do what a lot of sensible folk do and give them as a gift, so it's the recipient who then has to face the agonizing CUT or KEEP dilema. Printed onto organic cotton in the UK, these award winning tea towels also look fab framed up.   

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