Free DIY pdf Advent Calendar

Posted on November 13, 2012 by Madeleine Rogers

Every year we like to create a DIY advent calendar which bravely aims to provide a wholesome alternative to the chocolate filled, cartoon based versions that cram the shops. (I personally have a slight aversion to these ever since a hungry mouse, in an apparent act of frenzied cannibalism, devoured the contents of days 3, 11 and 18 of my Dangermouse one (this was back in the 80s), leaving behind, ahem, plenty of evidence)  This year we have added in a couple of alternative pages, giving you have the choice of using our images or colouring in your own. Colouring in is, of course, really meant for children and if you have some, it may well keep them occupied for a few minutes, but I urge any adult out there to pick up a felt tip and have a go - I just did and found it really quite soothing. Just click the image below to download. 

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